Warehousing Equipment

How We Can Supply Your Business with Warehousing Equipment

Warehousing equipment includes a variety of machines used for transporting and stacking material and product pallets. Many businesses in South Africa use storage facilities for their materials and products to safely housed. Such facilities operate best with a fleet of forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach stackers. These machines are designed and built for transporting and stacking functions. Today, we will discuss the benefits of these machines’ functions, adding to the functionality of a storage facility.

We offer a wide selection of warehousing equipment from a sensible range of manufacturers in this industry. Quality and durability are determining factors to ensure that such a purchase for your business is justified. Performance is another aspect that will determine which machines to invest in for your business. Whether you want to buy or rent such a fleet, we can be your supplier. A successful fleet is made up of various machines with different functions. Although some storage facilities can manage with only running standard forklifts, others need pallet trucks and reach stackers as well.

The Basics

A standard forklift is the most common vehicle that you will find within a fleet of warehousing equipment. This counterbalanced machine’s design weighs down the rear of the vehicle. With the weight at the rear, the front-mounted lift fork is more stable and can handle loads in accordance with its designed rating. These vehicles also commonly feature rear-wheel steering. This feature keeps the laden front end stable while the vehicle changes direction. Therefore, the load is not likely to become destabilised when steering the forklift.

Pallet trucks are also uniquely designed warehousing equipment. They are not primarily designed for vertical lifting functions; their primary function is to handle heavy pallets safely and with minimal risk. Therefore, the lift forks are long and wide, mounted close to the ground for optimal stability. These trucks normally feature walk-behind designs to allow the operator to push them along. By keeping the load as low to the ground as possible, the centre of gravity while transporting a heavy load is low as well. Therefore, the truck is stable and will not tip over when changing direction.

Reach stackers are a variation on regular forklifts. These counterbalanced trucks are designed to maximise vertical reach to create taller stacks within a storage facility. With taller stacks, more floor space is available. Fork articulation is also an important feature of these machines. This feature allows the operator to steer the fork independently from the body for articulated functionality. The front fork normally has a support shaft to optimise the machine’s vertical reach. Therefore, this type of warehousing equipment is ideal for high-roof storage facilities with limited floor space and an abundance of vertical space.

EIE Group is your supplier of a wide range of warehousing equipment for your storage facility. We offer an extensive selection of forklifts, pallet, trucks, and reach stackers to ensure that you have the right machines for the job. For more on our available machinery, please browse our website for details and specifications. Whether you want to rent or buy a fleet, we have the answers for your business.

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