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Side Loaders

Multidirectional sideloaders with articulated frame 3- 4.5 tonne

Safe and agile on uneven floors and outdoors. The electrically driven multidirectional sideloaders with articulated frames are at their best when it comes to narrow platform widths combined with lower lifting heights. The level reconciliation allows for faster response times on uneven ground. If the…

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Electric Sideloader 3-8tonne

This electric, silent and environmentally friendly sideloader impresses with low maintenance costs when compared to its diesel-powered counterparts. This category of Bulmor sideloaders lifts loads of all kinds weighing up to 8 tonnes and is available in two series for best cost-effectiveness. Thanks to a low platform, our electrically operated sideloaders can also be used for optimum handling of low shelves.

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Diesel Sideloader 4-8tonne

This Bulmor sideloader category fast and comfortably lifts loads of any sort weighing up to 8 tons. High availability and excellent durability are characteristic for these machines.
The exceptionally resilient lift mast, the inwards moved right front wheel, which allows for outstanding agility also while maximum steering angle, as well as the highly comfortable cabin form the basis for exceptional operations.

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Sideloade Heavy Line 10-20tonne

The big wheels, the high-performance drive and the exceptionally solid lift mast ensure power reserves when it comes to extraordinary applications. This machine category easily, comfortably and safely handles loads up to 20 tons. Main fields of application here as well are the timber, steel, aluminium, plastics or the metalworking industry. As a matter of course, in this machine category as well, our focus is on highest standards. Safety, quality and durability are those values which bring about the reliability of our products.

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Bulmor ForntBull The new FrontBull is especially compact and turns on a radius of only 4.65 m. It also offers plenty of room for comfort. A space-saving sliding door enables the interior to be used to its full potential and provides space for two wheelchairs…

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Bulmor SideBull 2.0 The number of air passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) who find it difficult to cover longer distances at airports and to use passenger stairs on remote positions continues to climb around the world. This trend poses a great challenge to airports and…

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