Truck-Mounted Cranes

Knuckle-Boom Truck-Mounted Cranes for Every Situation

Flatbeds and loader trucks are designed to transport products, goods, and pallets for commercial and industrial businesses but these vehicles require lifting equipment to load them. The most common way to load these vehicles is to use mobile cranes or forklifts. However, we present a different angle that will eliminate the need for a second vehicle or piece of equipment altogether. We offer a selection of truck-mounted cranes that enables your truck to load and unload itself.

We offer a range of truck-mounted cranes from two manufacturers, namely Penz and Fassi. Both are pushing the limits of engineering with their knuckle-boom designs, delivering an innovative approach to creating a boom for lifting. Penz puts the focus on specific industries, while Fassi’s has a more universal application. These units are very compact when they are completely retracted thanks to their unique design. Therefore, they are more suited to being mounted on a truck than a lattice boom. Today, we will discuss the advantages of using such a piece of lifting equipment for your business.

The Advantages of Knuckle Booms

Starting with their structure, we find that these booms consist of several sections that are connected by way of mechanical knuckles allowing the boom to extend and retract in the same way a finger does. The boom is attached to the vehicle at its base of the boom, enabling this truck-mounted crane to rotate as well. By having the freedom of movement to extend, retract, and rotate, a knuckle boom is the ideal design for a truck. Our selection of Penz booms includes four ranges, specifically engineered for forestry and recycling.

Forestry is a very challenging industry in terms of equipment. You require forwarders and harvesters to retrieve and prepare logs for transport. Once they are ready, you need a loader truck to transport the logs. Penz offers two ranges of truck-mounted cranes that are specifically designed for handling logs. They also feature two ranges designed for picking up recyclable waste. If you are in either industry, these knuckle booms can greatly improve loading times of your large transport vehicles. They also eliminate the need for another piece of lifting equipment to load them.

Fassi is a manufacturer of truck-mounted knuckle booms that can be used for a wide spectrum of applications. These booms are divided into three ranges, ranked according to their lifting capacity. The light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ranges consist of cranes that cover almost any type of application that you will likely need them for. Whether it is acting as a deadlift for heavy pallets or as a tow pulley for a vehicle, these knuckle booms are your solution. With plenty of models in the range, you are bound to find the ideal one for your business.

EIE Group offers an extensive selection of industrial equipment for sale that includes truck-mounted cranes and warehouse material-handling equipment. We also offer industrial cleaning solutions and a wide selection of industrial batteries to power indoor machinery. For more information on how we can accommodate your business with quality industrial equipment, please peruse our website. Choose us as your supplier of truck-mounted cranes today.

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