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How Toyota Industrial Lifting Equipment Can Elevate Your Business

Many industrial businesses use lifting equipment in their daily operations. Most of these companies have their own storage facilities as well, where warehouse material handlers come in handy. Forklifts are very popular in warehouses. These vehicles have a simple design concept that allows them to optimise floor space and turnaround times in such a facility. Today, we will dive into our selection of Toyota forklifts and how they can make a notable difference in your daily warehouse operations.

A forklift is, essentially, a counterbalanced vehicle with a lift fork on the front. This fork is used to lift and transport materials and s pallets in a storage facility. The body of the vehicle is narrow and tall to optimise its reach and manoeuvrability within confined spaces. For the most part, these vehicles have rear-wheel steering to keep the front of the vehicle as stable as possible. Although it sounds simple, there are more factors to consider when buying or renting industrial lifting equipment for your storage facility.

The Determining Factors When Acquiring A Forklift Fleet

Industrial equipment is purpose-built, as is the case with Toyota’s selection of forklifts. Many storage facilities use large warehouses for floor space. In such facilities, a fleet that is powered by electricity as opposed to internal-combustion engines is recommended. By using battery-powered forklifts, there are no dangerous exhaust emissions that can become trapped in enclosed spaces and result in a dangerous work environment. Therefore, an indoor storage facility can operate without endangering employees.

Our range of Toyota industrial lifting equipment includes a myriad of electric forklifts. These include stand-in lift trucks that are perfect for fast turnaround of light pallets. They deliver excellent visibility for the operator from a standing position as well. If you need something stronger, the 3-wheeled series has a unique design for increased lift capacity and stability over the stand-in models. The rear wheels of the 3-wheeled series are mounted directly next to each other, in the middle of the chassis, at the rearmost extreme of the vehicle. This layout results in a very stable front end to ensure that the vehicle has increased capacity.

Sometimes, you need an option for outdoor operations as well. Since Toyota already has such a large indoor selection, it is only natural that they produce an outdoor option as well. The problem with electric (battery-powered) forklifts is their design limitation. These lift trucks are not designed for traversing rough and uneven terrain. They are also not designed for being operated in the rain. However, the Toyota 8FG/FD series offers a selection of internal combustion-engined industrial lifting equipment that can handle the outdoors. With a selection of cabins for different weather conditions and a chassis and tyres that can handle uneven surfaces, this series of forklifts is ideal for outdoor storage environments and for loading flatbeds.

EIE Group is your supplier of Toyota’s top-quality industrial lifting equipment in South Africa. For more details on our available machines, please browse our website for photos and specifications. Choose us today for all the materials-handling equipment and forklifts for your storage facility.

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