EIE Group Transformation

Our business success is dependent on our people and therefore, the group has established a company- wide Human Capital Framework, comprising of people – related philosophies, policies and processes.  Our talent strategy and pipelines are key to our future business growth and success.  Annually, we strive to increase our human capital capabilities by between 10% – 15% through skills development initiatives.  These range from apprenticeships, learner ships, internship programs to leadership, personal mastery and customer and sales management training.  A total of R13.9m was spent in 2016.

EIE Group recognises the importance of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and fully support the principles of transformation. Our Transformation and Employment Equity Plans are progressive with a geared management focus on improving the numerical goals and targets for under- represented demographics, being African Males and African and Coloured Females in the next Employment Equity Plan cycle.  Our aim is to develop an effective leadership and empowered people that will continue to have the perspective, energy and related skills to build and strengthen relationships with our customers and our other stakeholders.  EIE Group currently has a level 7 rating with a BEE procurement recognition level of 50%.   We are making good progress to achieve a level 5 score in the future.