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Mobile cranes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a specific function. Mostly, cranes are used for construction purposes and this is where the counterbalanced concept was born – out of the necessity to lift heavy building materials to certain heights. Although the concept is still in use today, other methods of effective lifting have also been developed. Cranes have also gained mobility, giving them a world of additional functionality. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of mobile cranes for your business, EIE Group is where you will find all the solutions.

Our focus is supplying industrial lifting equipment and we feature some of the best-known and most famous brands in the industry, like JCB and Toyota. Our equipment is durable and competitively priced and we also offer rental solutions for forklift fleets that can operate within a warehouse or storage-facility environment. Today, we will be looking at some of our knuckle-boom cranes and their abilities as mobile lifting equipment on your trucks.

The Fassi Difference

Fassi is a manufacturer of knuckle-boom cranes that can be used across the board in the industry. A knuckle boom operates differently to a regular counterbalanced crane in that its basic design features at least three sections that are joined together with mechanical “knuckles” to allow it to extend and retract. The sections of the knuckle boom function as limbs for the mobile crane, much like a human finger. The base of the boom is mounted onto the rear of a truck or industrial vehicle, giving these cranes a rather unique functionality.

Commonly referred to as a truck-mounted crane, a knuckle boom is right in its element when mounted onto the rear of a truck. If you have a heavy loader that needs a lifter to tip the rear bucket, a knuckle boom is an ideal solution. This type of mobile crane pivots from the base of the crane to generate the lifting power it needs to lift heavy loads. With Fassi’s wide range of available options, we can supply the exact model of mobile crane that will be ideal for your truck fleet too. Another bonus of a knuckle boom is its ability to compactly retract. Therefore, when your truck is on the move, the crane will be retracted and only takes a small amount of space.

As a supplier of mobile cranes, we offer a sensible selection to suit your business needs. Our range of Fassi equipment begins with the light-duty models. These knuckle booms might be small, but they can lift impressive loads. The light-duty range begins with the F28A, which is able to handle 2,5 t of total mass. This mobile crane has a maximum outreach of almost 7 m. So, if you need a supplier of mobile cranes that you can mount onto the back of trucks, our range of Fassi knuckle booms has an answer.

EIE Group is your supplier of any industrial lifting equipment, including mobile cranes. For more information, please peruse our website for specifications on our available machines. Choose us as your supplier today and take advantage of quality lifting equipment for your business.

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