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Cranes are industrial equipment used mostly in the construction industry. Born out of the need to lift heavy building materials to desired heights, cranes play a crucial role in any construction fleet. If you give a crane mobility, its possible uses on a construction site become far more numerous. EIE Group is a supplier of mobile cranes in South Africa, with an extensive selection of machines to choose from. Our selection covers all-terrain solutions for all manner of construction applications.

Link-Belt Cranes is a leading mobile-crane manufacturer, with EIE Group serving as a local supplier of their cranes. The RTC-8030 Series II is a mobile crane that has a total lifting capacity of 30 t. This vehicle is a lattice boom crane that has four sections. Lattice booms can extend and retract to expand their radius of operation from a stationary position. The RTC-8030’s boom is 8,8 m long and can extend up to 27,8 m. At full extension, this boom has a maximum tip height of 43,6 m.

Mobile cranes come in a variety of configurations to meet various needs. Link-Belt is a supplier of a series of telescopic crawler-track cranes that can travel over uneven surfaces. This telescopic crawler crane series has crawler tracks instead of off-road wheels and tyres to handle elevation changes and rough surfaces with ease. The TCC-1100 is the largest and most capable model in this range. It can lift a maximum of 100 t, using a lattice boom with five sections. The boom length is 12,2 m and it can extend to an impressive 45,7 m for an impressively large radius of operation.

All-terrain mobile cranes are ideal for heavy-duty construction purposes. These vehicles are large and can traverse almost any surface. The vehicle features multiple axles to provide optimal stability while it is moving. Once the vehicle is stationary, stabilising arms are extended from the sides to secure the crane, enabling this crane to lift even heavier weights. If your business needs a mobile crane for heavy-duty use within a demanding work environment, this crane series delivers the necessary solutions.

The ATC-3210 is a lattice-boom crane that has six sections. This boom has a base length of 13,5 m and can extend up to 61 m. This grants the boom a maximum tip height of 99,6 m. The ATC-3210 can manage a maximum lift of 185 t. If you need even more, the ATC-3275 is a larger lattice boom with an additional section to grant a maximum extended length of 68 m. The upgraded boom has an increased capacity of 250 t for heavy-duty applications. As you can see, we supply a comprehensive selection of mobile cranes for the construction industry that usefully improves the functionality and versatility of your fleet.

We are a supplier of a wide selection of industrial equipment, including mobile cranes and warehouse materials-handling equipment. For more information, please contact us with any enquiries, or browse our website for specifications on these machines. Choose EIE Group as your supplier of industrial equipment today and take advantage of our wide range of quality equipment.

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