Mobile Crane Rental Solutions

Mobile-Crane Rental Solutions for Your Business

Industrial and commercial lifting equipment covers a wide range of unique machines that are purpose-built to do specific jobs. Forklifts are commonly used in warehouse and storage-facility applications, so they usually have narrow bodies and their forks can handle weights of several tonnes. Pallet trucks offer a low centre of gravity to deal with large, heavy, or oddly shaped loads. A mobile crane is intended for use in the construction industry. We offer rental solutions for all these lifting machines and many more.

Large tower cranes are useful when constructing tall buildings that require a substantial vertical reach. However, for urban and suburban projects, you need a mobile version to get the job done because the problem with the tower version is exactly that: its inability to move to another site in a short time. Although it has excellent reach, it also lacks versatility for smaller projects. Our mobile-crane rental solutions can deliver a machine that can get itself to the site and be of service wherever it is needed.

Mobile and Truck-Mounted Solutions

The crane concept is one of balance and counterbalance. By weighing down one side of the pendulum, the other side is lifted into the air. Our mobile-crane rental solutions offer an extensive selection of vehicles and equipment that can help your business lift those heavy loads without having to commit to buying the machines. Their unique design and functions will allow contractors to be more efficient on site and get the job done with quality equipment.

Our selection of Link-Belt mobile cranes includes sensible choices for those businesses in need of efficient machinery. With our rental solutions, we can deliver these machines without your business having to commit to buying them. Therefore, you can use them for specific periods and return them to us when the job is done – or when the busy part of the season is over. Keeping in mind that construction sites usually require vehicles that can handle rough and off-road terrain, Link-Belt has practical answers that suit virtually any work environment. Their telescopic crawler is a perfect example of a machine that can handle almost any terrain.

We also offer a selection of truck-mounted cranes that can be the solutions your business has been looking for. Some businesses employ a large fleet of trucks to transport various goods but these trucks usually have to be loaded by a second vehicle, which adds unnecessary costs to the process. With one of our knuckle booms being mounted on the rear of the truck, the truck can load and unload itself, making the process simpler, faster, and cheaper. These knuckle booms are available in a myriad of models, including specialised ones for the recycling and forestry industries. By renting one, you can turn your truck into a mobile lifting machine that can take care of its own loads.

EIE Group is your first choice regarding mobile-crane rental solutions. For more information on these vehicles and equipment, browse our website for specifications. Forget about the burden of buying expensive lifting equipment for your business and let us deliver a feasible and affordable rental solution for your business today.

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