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We Are One of the Top Mobile-Crane Companies in South Africa

Construction is a demanding and competitive industry in South Africa. As a contractor, you must ensure that your fleet of machinery can get the job done. Whether it is a flatbed loader that transport building material pallets or mobile cranes to perform lifting on site, you will probably require a fleet of them. The concept of a crane was born in this industry. Heavy building blocks needed to be lifted to get them to desired heights when constructing buildings. With the addition of mobility, these machines become even more useful.

EIE Group offers a selection of mobile cranes for companies in South Africa. This selection contains models for anything from medium- to heavy-duty lifting on site. Stationary types are limited in their reach, which can lead to having to set up multiple ones to cover the site. However, with a mobile version, you can simply drive the vehicle to where you need it and put it to work. By delivering stability and control during lifting, you can be assured that these machines can do the job.

Construction sites may be rough and uneven when the process starts, but this terrain must be levelled out to form a solid foundation before the work can commence. Construction companies use mobile cranes to clear the area of debris. However, this involves driving over rough terrain and, as one of the companies that sells these machines in South Africa, we understand the challenges of the construction industry. Therefore, we offer a sensible selection to construction companies to suit the requirements of building sites. Our selection begins with the Link-Belt ATC module.

If you need a mobile crane that can handle almost any terrain, the ATC module is an ideal candidate. This large construction machine features a lattice boom that can lift an impressive 185 t of mass. The cabin is spacious and unobstructed to optimise visibility during operation. The large body is a counterweight and gives mobility to the boom. This results in a machine that is highly mobile and can comfortably get the job done on site – and drive back to the garage on a paved road. Construction companies in South Africa already benefit from using these vehicles and now, your business can have one in its fleet as well.

Crawler tracks were invented to allow heavy machines to drive over any type of terrain. During the Great War, these tracks were installed onto certain tanks to give them an advantage over the enemy and make them more mobile. Since then, the technology has been refined and developed to a point where tractors and construction equipment benefit from them as well. We offer a crawler crane module from Link-Belt to add versatility to companies’ construction fleets. This vehicle is ideal for a variety of applications on-site, especially when heavier vehicles cannot get to a specific location.

EIE Group is your first choice in South Africa as one of the top companies supplying industrial machinery and lifting equipment. If you require mobile cranes to add to your fleet, we can deliver solutions. For more information on these machines, please peruse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier and benefit from our innovative machinery.

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