Mobile Crane Advantages

The Advantages of Mobility

Running a construction business involves having a fleet of machines that can work hard on site. This fleet commonly includes flatbeds, forklifts, and cranes, to bring you all the advantages of modern construction equipment. Mechanical engineering has pushed the envelope to a level where a heavy-duty lattice boom can be attached on top of a vehicle to add mobility to a crane. The idea originated in the late 19th century, where heavy artillery was mounted onto wide-body vehicles. Although it was a different time, the concept translates to various heavy-duty machines today.

The advantages of mobility changed the way people work with and use heavy machinery. Aircraft could carry equipment to assist in crop-dusting fields, while abnormally sized trucks were used to carry fire-fighting equipment. The world changed once the advantages of mobile machinery came to light. As a result, we have mobile cranes that can make a big difference in the way work is done on site. Today, we will talk about how EIE Group can supply your business with such machines.

Mobile Cranes for Any Terrain

Heavy vehicles are limited in where they can move and on what type of terrains. This can be addressed in a couple of ways; for example, multiple axles distribute the weight more evenly over a larger number of contact patches. Therefore, such a vehicle is less susceptible to sink in and get stuck when travelling over loose or soft terrain. Crawler tracks, on their part, greatly expand the contact patch and allow for skid-steer functionality to get out of tight areas. However, the advantages of a mobile crane come in its stability during heavy lifts.

Our selection of mobile cranes includes various Link-Belt modules to choose from. These vehicles are designed to conquer any challenge on the construction site. The ATC module delivers an all-terrain mobile crane that has stabilising extension arms to assist in stabilising it during heavy lifts while stationary. This machine features a lattice boom that can lift 185 t. The body of the vehicle also acts as a counterweight during a lift. This increases stability and control over the boom. With a wide cabin, the operator has a wide and unobstructed field of view to make their job easier and safer.

Mobile cranes bring many advantages to the construction site. Link-Belt’s TCC module has a telescopic lattice boom that is mounted onto a crawler-track vehicle. Therefore, this machine can travel over almost any terrain to grant access to areas on site that are difficult to get to, which is a big advantage in itself. With a crawler-track crane in your fleet, virtually nothing is out of reach. We also offer rough-terrain and telescopic truck variants to also give your business another advantage – that of choice. So, if you need a supplier that can deliver versatile machines to your industrial vehicle fleet, we have feasible solutions.

EIE Group’s selection of industrial machinery and lifting equipment holds many potential advantages for your business. For more information on our available mobile cranes, please browse our website for specifications. Let us be your supplier of heavy-duty mobile lifting equipment and take advantage of quality machines for your business today.

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