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Our Selection of Warehouse Materials-Handling Equipment

Most large industrial and commercial business use storage facilities to store their goods. These facilities are the backbone of these businesses, supplying their stock. Construction pallets are a good example of warehouse materials being stored until the day they are required for a specific project. To ensure that warehouse operations go smoothly, you need a fleet of materials-handling equipment for your daily operations. We offer a wide selection from leading brands in the industry.

Forklifts are pallet trucks and some of the more commonly used types of warehouse materials-handling equipment on the market. These machines deliver fast turnaround times and ease of operation to optimise the performance of such a fleet. They are also available in different designs to accommodate different functions and for certain applications within a storage facility. As a supplier, we offer an extensive range to ensure that you can get the right machinery for your warehouse needs. With different types of forklifts, it can be difficult to determine the ideal model for your fleet. Luckily, we are here to assist in that matter.

Putting Together the Ideal Warehouse Fleet

First, you must determine the type of warehouse materials handling equipment that you need for your facility. If you operate mostly indoors, electric machines would be best. We also offer internal combustion forklifts models for outdoor use. If you want to optimise the floor space at your facility, a reach stacker is a feasible option as well. Whatever you need for your storage facility, we can provide the necessary machines to optimise turnaround times and daily operations. We also offer rental options to make it affordable for businesses that cannot buy a fleet.

The Toyota 8-Series FG/FD is an internal-combustion, counterbalanced lift truck that is suited to outdoor use. This forklift features a selection of cabin configurations that are designed for specific weather conditions. Therefore, a rainy day will not hamper daily operations with such a machine. It also features rough-terrain wheels and tyres to allow the forklift to easily traverse uneven surfaces. This is an ideal choice for industrial businesses housing large pallets that must be loaded onto a flatbed by a lift truck. Toyota also offers a complete range of electric handling equipment that is suited to indoor use.

Having a fleet of electric warehouse materials-handling equipment requires a feasible way of recharging the batteries of these machines. We supply forklift batteries for them, giving you a complete package. Rechargeable industrial batteries mostly make use of wet cells. Therefore, these batteries require some maintenance. However, the pay-off is a machine that doesn’t emit any harmful emissions, making it perfect for indoor use. Our fleet-rental and -management options will allow your storage facility to operate optimally.

EIE Group is your supplier of warehouse materials-handling equipment, truck-mounted forklifts, industrial forklift batteries, and industrial cleaning solutions. Our comprehensive selection of machines will elevate your business to the next level of efficiency. For more detail on our available products and machines, please browse our website for brochures. Contact EIE today and gain access to a sensible selection of industrial solutions for your business.

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