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Industrial Lifting Equipment for Your Business

Industrial lifting equipment covers a wide range of machinery built to specification for certain functions and applications. Forklifts are tall and narrow vehicles that can operate within confined spaces. These machines are ideal for use in storage facilities. Truck-mounted cranes, on their part, add lifting functionality to your truck fleet. These cranes feature a unique, compact design, making them ideal for loader trucks. If your business needs a supplier that offers a wide range of these products for sale, EIE Group is your solution.

We offer quality brands and products for sale to ensure that you can boost your business to a new level of productivity. Whether you need a new machinery fleet for your warehouse, truck-mounted cranes, or heavy-duty container handlers, we have you covered. Our range of lifting equipment offers a huge variety of solutions. Besides offering them for sale, we also offer forklift rental options. Today, we will look at our comprehensive range to give you a taste of what to expect when you choose us as your supplier.

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Our Selection of Machinery

Forklifts are some of the most commonly used warehouse material handlers. These counterbalanced lift trucks normally feature narrow bodies and small turning circles. Some have skid-steer ability. Their unique design delivers a compact vehicle that can manoeuvre in limited spaces to optimise floor usage in your storage facility. We offer different brands of lifting equipment for sale in this category, including Toyota and Flexi. Whether you need reach stackers, outdoor forklifts, skid-steer models, or battery-powered options, we have you covered. In our vast selection of forklifts, there will be something that is ideal for your business.

Truck-mounted cranes are not as commonly used as forklifts but they are fast gaining popularity as businesses start to notice the advantages of adding such a crane to the rear of a loader truck. We offer a selection of knuckle booms from different brands, including Fassi and Penz Crane. Fassi’s models cover your light- to heavy-duty business needs. Penz Crane delivers a more focussed approach; their ranges include specific models for forestry and recycling respectively. Therefore, if you have a truck fleet that includes flatbeds and loading racks, these cranes will serve as the ideal lifting equipment for these vehicles.

If your business requires a solution in terms of container handling, Konecranes offers a comprehensive range of machines. Their range of container handlers that we offer for sale includes a selection of machinery that speeds up and simplifies container handling. These vehicles are wide, with their cabins located at the rear end of the vehicle to optimise visibility when dealing with containers. The TRUConnect system also delivers a digital platform for easy and convenient fleet-management options. Container lifting equipment is greatly simplified with Konecranes’ solutions.

EIE Group offers a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment for sale, with sensible rental options available as well. If your business needs a fleet upgrade, we can deliver the necessary machinery to elevate you to the next level. For more information on our available machines, please browse our website for specifications and brochures. Choose us as your supplier today and see how your business takes flight with quality machinery on your side.

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