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EIE Group is a specialist in material handling equipment, providing the industrial sector in South Africa with viable solutions to everyday fleets for warehouses, factories, and even docks. With a wide selection of heavy lifting equipment that includes specialised and standard forklifts, EIE Group can be your supplier of articulated and electric lifting machinery for warehouse use, as well as heavy-duty lifting equipment for use in areas such as construction and forestry.

We cover a wide range of cranes, including a selection from Konecranes that can be ideal for empty container handling and stacking, making life at the docks much easier for operator and manager alike. As the Konecranes South Africa supplier, EIE Group strive to lift your business to new heights with specialised heavy lifting equipment that can ensure that your docking areas are clear of empty containers. Today, we will have a closer look at these Konecranes machines and their unique ability to produce vast lifting power.

The Power of Konecranes Machinery

Konecranes offers a range of reach stackers, container handlers, and forklifts designed to provide the lifting power you need to move heavy materials, applying it to the industrial sector with incredible versatility. Starting with their range of reach stackers, these machines offer uniquely shaped bodies and chassis to cope with heavy loads of between 8 and 10 t at a time, allowing you to transport a heavy load with a single machine. These Konecranes reach stackers are built on the foundation of customer feedback, delivering a piece of lifting equipment tailored to not only impress with great specifications, but also live up to the requirements of the customers for a comprehensive take on a reach stacker.

Konecranes also offers container handlers, granting an almost forklift-like design to be used for the pick-up and removal of empty containers sitting in loading zones or similar places where they might take up useful space. Again, a unique design allows these vehicles to perform their functions and grant a viable solution for handling empty containers. Finally, our Konecranes machinery range ends with the forklift range, offering machines with incredible lifting ability that are aimed at heavy-duty applications for the industrial sector.

EIE Group is more than just Konecranes South Africa supplier and can offer solutions for warehouse lifting equipment as well as fleet management systems to ensure you can optimise and monitor your fleet. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any further enquiries. We can provide the solution to take your business to the next level.

Discover our range of Konecranes heavy lift forklift trucks here.


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