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Konecranes Mobile Container-Handling Equipment

Container handling normally requires overhead-rail lifting equipment and stationary cranes to get the job done. Although these are effective and capable, their biggest drawback is being stationary. Therefore, it is a challenge to get the alignment right for docked ships or to recycle empty containers in time. Luckily, we offer a mobile solution for this specific application. Konecranes manufactures a selection of heavy-duty forklifts specifically designed for dockyards. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of mobility in the dockyard as well.

Forklifts are some of the most commonly used warehouse material-handling equipment in the industrial and commercial sectors. These machines normally have a counterbalanced body that allows the front-mounted fork to carry a heavy load with ease. Regular forklifts are narrow and tall to give them optimal functionality in confined spaces. However, container-handling vehicles do not operate in confined spaces but in dockyards, so they do not suffer these constraints. Konecranes delivers supremely capable container-handling solutions and today, we will focus on these machines and the advantages that they can bring to dockyard operations.

The Konecranes Difference

A regular forklift is powered by a relatively small electric motor and is meant for indoor use. Others have internal-combustion engines and are for outdoor use only. The reach of the forklift depends on the type of mounted fork and its capacity rating. There are many different forklifts to choose from for a warehouse or storage facility. However, when it comes to container handling, nothing compares to Konecranes. This manufacturer delivers an innovative and effective way to deal with stacking, relocating, and recycling at the dockyard. Their selection of machines can make up a highly effective fleet that can be managed using their smart TRUCONNECT® fleet-management software.

Konecranes container handlers have wide and robust bodies, with the cabin placed towards the rear. Due to the immense weights these machines must carry, the body serves as a counterbalance during lifts and as a stable platform during transportation. The width of the track and long wheelbase keeps the vehicle stable when turning corners. The wheels are placed at the outer reaches of the vehicle to optimise stability and steering. The result is a forklift-type machine that is designed for the docks.

By running a fleet of container handlers from Konecranes, you will have access to their smart fleet-management software as well. TRUCONNECT® gathers any and all data from each vehicle in your fleet. Data includes driven routes, vehicle status, and impact detection to keep you informed on the daily routines of your fleet. With useful data being gathered throughout day-to-day processes, you can optimise routes for the drivers. You can also optimise the efficiency of your fleet and alert an operator when something goes wrong on their vehicle. Therefore, you will have more control and a more efficient fleet.

EIE Group is your supplier of Konecranes container-handling equipment in South Africa. We also offer a wide variety of other industrial lifting equipment that could elevate your business to new heights. For more on our available products, please browse our website for details on our machinery. Choose us as your supplier of lifting equipment today.

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