Internal Combustion Forklifts

Outdoor Forklifts with Internal-Combustion Engines

Many forklifts are confined to indoor work environments. Since most storage facilities have open-floor layouts, these vehicles are ideal for daily operations in such environments. They are narrow and agile in small spaces, making them ideal for storage functions. The standard floor layout of a warehouse is in an aisle configuration. With their narrow bodies and the ability to turn on a dime, counterbalanced trucks offer the perfect solution. Instead of internal-combustion engines, they have batteries and electric motors to eliminate hazardous emissions.

Electrically powered cars are only just reaching the mainstream but the technology has already been in use in the industrial sector for decades. Most built-to-spec machines that operate indoors use electric motors to power them. However, there is a need for outdoor machinery as well. Although the world might eventually do away with internal-combustion engines, they are still a feasible option for outdoor forklifts. Today, we will focus on our selection of outdoor counterbalanced trucks that can make a noticeable difference for your business.

The Right Type of Power

One of the biggest challenges for electric cars is the great outdoors. Most of these vehicles still have a limited range and charging infrastructure is lacking. But electricity is great in the indoor environment. And while we have a large selection of electric forklifts, we will offer a range of internal-combustion units too, as long as there is a demand for them. These vehicles are suited for outdoor functions and are designed accordingly. We offer a wide range of different manufacturers and brands, including an essential selection from Toyota. This brand is at the forefront of electrically powered material-handling vehicles, offering more than enough indoor-specific models in their line-up. However, they also feature an outdoor series.

Toyota’s 8 Series covers all the bases for businesses looking to buy or rent a fleet of forklifts. With their extensive selection, they offer a versatile and functional variety of solutions in terms of internal-combustion units. The 8FD/FG series is a range of vehicles that are powered by either diesel or petrol, dependent on the specific model. These counterbalanced trucks are equipped to take on the outdoors. Construction contractors and outdoor stockyard operators are most likely to use these machines.

This series from Toyota delivers the necessary performance and design features to make the most of your outdoor material-handling operations. Starting with the chassis, these internal-combustion-engined forklifts have tyres that are larger and thus more suited to rough surfaces. The cabin can also be customised, with a large selection of cabins available to suit various weather conditions. Therefore, these vehicles are not dependent on the weather to have a productive day at work. As a result, they can be used whenever you need them – and whatever the weather.

EIE Group is your supplier of forklifts with internal-combustion engines, as well as a comprehensive selection of electric, battery-powered versions. For more information on our warehouse material handlers, please peruse our website for details and specifications on our machinery. Choose us as your supplier of lifting equipment today and let us deliver top-quality machines for your business.

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