Internal Combustion Forklifts

The Benefits of Internal-Combustion Forklifts

Internal combustion forklift engines are powered by fuel, which causes them to produce carbon dioxide emissions. Although the passenger-car market is shifting to electric vehicles, the industrial sector has already been there for a long time. Indoor forklifts are powered by rechargeable industrial batteries, namely lead-acid forklift batteries or forklift lithium-ion batteries, which means that they do not emit any emissions into the atmosphere. However, these counterbalanced trucks are not suited to most outdoor applications. Therefore, we offer a range of material handlers that are designed for outdoor functionality.

Fitting forklifts with an internal combustion engine results in warehouse material handlers that can perform a huge variety of tasks. The battery-powered derivatives are mostly confined to the indoor work environment. With a limited range on their batteries, skinnier wheels and tyres, and narrow-body designs, electric counterbalanced forklift trucks are not designed for the rigours of outdoor environments. By using a fuel-burning engine that is powered by petrol or diesel, the initial range problem is addressed. Now, to take care of the rest.

Toyota Forklift South Africa:  Review of it’s 8FG/FD Series


Toyota Forklift South Africa produces a wide selection of electric forklifts that are ideal for indoor use. This selection includes various ranges to ensure that your fleet operates at optimal levels. Many industrial businesses also need a feasible option for outdoor storage and flatbed loading. The 8FG/FD series from Toyota Industrial Equipment is their solution in this corner of the market. This series consists of warehouse material handlers that are designed for the outdoors. The internal-combustion forklift engines on these models run on petrol or diesel, dependent on the specific model. The rest of the vehicle also has some modifications in comparison to a standard electric model.

The cabin of a forklift is where the operator will spend most of their time during their shift. Should such a shift involve outdoor operations, the cabin must provide the necessary protection. The 8FG/FD series features a wide selection of cabins to suit most weather conditions. Therefore, the weather will never stand in the way of the job getting done. Construction companies also use outdoor storage environments to store their pallets laden with building materials. These environments usually feature uneven or rough terrain. The 8FG/FD series is designed to handle such terrain with ease. As a result, these internal-combustion material handlers are a suitable solution for such a business.

The 8FG/FD series is fitted with all-terrain tyres to allow better grip and handling on loose and uneven surfaces such as dirt and sand. The bodies on these internal combustion forklifts are also fractionally wider for better stability and control. We offer this series from Toyota Forklift South Africa in various lift capacities to ensure that your business can find the ideal model for daily operations. Whether it is construction, metalworking, or simply outdoor storage, this series provides a viable solution for businesses in need of a robust and trustworthy material-handling solution.

EIE Group offers a wide selection of industrial lifting equipment. Our selection includes warehouse material handlers such as internal-combustion forklifts, as well as truck-mounted lifting equipment for your business. For more on how we can elevate your business operations with quality lifting equipment, please browse our website for details and specifications on our available machinery today.

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