Industrial Equipment Sales and Rentals

We Offer Industrial Equipment Sales and Rentals

If you are looking for a supplier that offers industrial equipment sales and rentals, EIE Group is where you will find what you need. We offer a wide variety of machines that can assist your business on many levels. Whether it is a fleet of forklifts or a truck-mounted crane for your flatbed, we can supply what you are looking for. We feature various brands and manufacturers as well, covering a large selection of machines for many applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.

When running a business, you need the ideal set of tools to make it work. In the industrial sector, you need the right equipment for specific jobs. Our sales and rentals are tailored to this industry in South Africa. Therefore, we can supply a wide variety of machinery to your business from a single source. This means that you can simplify the process of getting these machines by using a sole supplier as opposed to many different suppliers. Today, we highlight our available range of machines that can elevate your business to the next level.

Our Selection

Industrial equipment is normally specialised and designed for specific applications. Truck-mounted cranes are for lifting and loading and forklifts for warehouse material handling. Depending on the nature of your business, our range of machinery can be just what you need for your operations. Since these machines can be expensive to buy, we also offer rentals along with our regular sales, so your business can use these machines without having to buy them. This also avoids maintenance costs that can rack up over the years on bought machinery.

Warehouse material handlers are commonly used by businesses that have storage facilities. These industrial machines are designed to maximise floor space and operation in confined spaces. Our selection includes a wide range of forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks that are available for sale or as rentals. Therefore, you can put together a forklift fleet for your warehouse and hire all the machines from us for an efficient and affordable solution. We also offer container handlers designed to handle laden and empty containers at dockyards. They can transform your container handling as be a viable alternative to overhead-track cranes.

We also offer a wide selection of truck-mounted cranes and aerial platforms. Flatbeds and other trucks usually require the assistance of a second vehicle, usually a forklift or a mobile crane, to load and unload the truck. By adding a knuckle-boom crane to the rear of the truck, the truck needs no assistance and can load and unload itself. Our truck-mounted aerial platforms also provide a mobile solution for working at height. In most cases, scaffolding and ladders are used for this but now, you can have access to industrial equipment mounted onto your vehicles that can do the job.

EIE Group is your supplier of industrial equipment in South Africa. We offer rentals and sales to give your business a competitive edge. For more information on our available industrial equipment, peruse our website for details. Choose us today to buy or rent a wide selection of machinery for your business.

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