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Industrial Battery Solutions for Electric Forklifts

Forklifts are lifting equipment specifically designed for use in warehouses and storage facilities. They are designed to operate in confined spaces and narrow aisles to optimise the efficiency of such a fleet within this specific type of work environment. Most industrial businesses have their own storage facilities for storing their palleted products. These pallets are retrieved from the warehouse as needed and the solution of choice to achieve this is usually the humble forklift – or a fleet of them. However, indoor forklifts need a battery to run.

Lift trucks are ideally suited to their work environments. Various industrial businesses have both indoor and outdoor facilities, requiring different types of forklifts for each. The typical answer to achieve the necessary motive force has always been internal-combustion engines running on petrol or diesel. However, in an enclosed or indoor environment, their harmful exhaust emissions can create a dangerous workspace that can become hazardous or even deadly. Therefore, an indoor forklift is powered by a battery pack instead. We offer various battery solutions for your business.

The Power of Electricity

When using lift trucks in your fleet, you will be accustomed to the battery-powered systems that generate the lift and power these machines. Industrial machinery has been utilising cost-effective electric solutions for many years. However, businesses need sound industrial battery solutions that are already in place before they can leverage this technology in their storage facilities. EIE Group offers a wide selection of electric forklifts for your business. Whether you want to buy or rent a complete fleet, we can be of service. Our choices are comprehensive, offering a range of brands that focus on specific applications as well.

The biggest problem with battery power is that it may lack the long operating periods of internal-combustion machinery. A petrol- or diesel-powered engine does not need a recharge to allow it to fire up and get going and it can be refuelled in minutes. Unfortunately, batteries have to be recharged and this might take several hours. Since replacement isn’t a solution for an industrial machine as it is with a battery-powered toy, you need a different approach to boost efficiency and avoid untimely recharging. We can provide that for your business, with a combination of cost-effective forklifts and our selection of Hawker products. As a result, you can enjoy a cost-effective method of managing your fleet for optimal performance.

Our selection of Hawker industrial batteries provides solutions when running an electric-forklift fleet in your storage facility. Wet cells are typically used for rechargeable battery packs, which requires the cells to be regularly refilled with water. Hawker addresses this problem by offering a pack that requires far less refilling. They also offer a variety of batteries designed for different lift-truck applications. As a result, you will always be able to pick the ideal pack for your fleet of lifting equipment.

EIE Group goes beyond providing sensible solutions for lifting equipment. We also have a selection of industrial battery solutions to power these machines, giving you a comprehensive package for your business. For more information on our equipment, browse our website specifications before making a final choice.

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