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Gauteng is the most populated province in South Africa, with a large variety of industrial and commercial industry. It plays host to many of these businesses that each have many warehouses and office buildings. If you run one of these company, you no doubt appreciate that Gauteng is a central base of operations with most essentials for your business within easy reach. If you need to hire a forklift – or a fleet of them – in the province, EIE Group has you covered. We have a sensible and versatile solution to suit your warehouse needs.

Warehouses are mostly large, open-floor buildings that have to maximise floor space and sorting, storing, and stacking efficiency. Sometimes, businesses require a fleet that can operate outdoors as well. Such counterbalanced trucks usually require off-road tyres and are powered by internal combustion engines, as opposed to batteries. Whatever your needs are, you can hire a forklift fleet that will suit your requirements from our main base of operations in Gauteng. Our options can be adapted to the requirements of your business as well.

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Adapt and Survive

Industry in Gauteng is demanding. Adapting to such a tough business environment is key to the survival and profitability of your company. When you hire a forklift fleet from us, you have various options to ensure that your fleet can adapt to its work conditions. These options include a choice between internal-combustion and battery-powered models. For indoor use, electric models are preferable, because they emit none of the harmful exhaust gases that make internal-combustion variants hazardous indoors, causing an unhealthy and even dangerous work environment.

We offer a comprehensive forklift range for hire in Gauteng and for indoor use, Toyota has several ranges to choose from to give you an ideal solution. These include a stand-in model that allows for fast and easy mounting. If your storage facility deals with lightweight pallets, these models will dramatically improve efficiency and turnaround times. Our 3- and 4-wheeled ranges offer a more robust design with a correspondingly larger lifting capacity. Out of these, you can put together the perfect indoor fleet for your business.

If you need an outdoor option as well, the 8FD/FG series will meet your needs. This forklift range is ideal for businesses in Gauteng looking to hire a fleet that can handle outdoor and off-road applications. This range offers a choice between diesel- and petrol-powered models, depending on the model you choose. They also feature a selection of different cabin configurations to suit all types of weather conditions. This optimises these outdoor counterbalanced trucks’ functionality, which will, in turn, greatly benefit your storage-facility operations. We also offer a smart fleet-management system that gathers useful data in real time and keeps you informed on important aspects of your fleet and even alerts you of impacts.

EIE Group offers a wide range of forklifts for hire in Gauteng. Our flexible and customisable options will suit your business requirements throughout the course of a busy day, adapting to the needs of your warehouse. You can even adjust the fleet size at will, as needed. Please browse our website for more information on these machines.

Hire a Forklift in Gauteng

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