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The industrial sector has its unique set of challenges for businesses. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right machinery for the job at hand. Some machines work on an age-old, tried-and-tested concept, which is the case with most modern-day cranes. Others must be conceptualised from scratch and designed to suit a specific application, which is the case with some of the heavy-duty lifting equipment. Although there are stationary machines that can achieve incredible lifting feats, our range delivers this ability and combines it with mobility.

Heavy-lifting equipment implies that the machine can lift a really big load. Speaking in industrial terms, such a load could weigh many tonnes. Therefore, specialist machines must be designed to handle these loads. We offer a wide variety of brands and manufacturers that create these machines for different applications in both the industrial and commercial sectors. Mobile and truck-mounted cranes are some of the options in this category. Regardless of the type of business that you find yourself in, we have a solution that could dramatically streamline its daily operations.

The Big Boys

Construction and vehicle towing both require heavy-lifting equipment. Although these are only two fields in the vast industrial arena, both require mobile units to optimise their functionality. Our selection of heavy-duty Fassi truck-mounted cranes can deliver this solution for you. These cranes feature a knuckle-boom design that makes them particularly versatile for all kinds of jobs – and compact when being transported. They can be mounted between the cabin and the loading bay for the best results when transporting vehicles or loading heavy pallets. They can also be used for many other functions.

All-terrain mobile-crane vehicles are very efficient heavy-lifting equipment, especially for construction purposes. The terrain of most construction sites is rough soil and gravel, which makes it difficult for a mobile crane to access. We offer the TCC and ATC modules from Link-Belt, which are both ideally suited to all-terrain manoeuvring. The ATC module features a large lattice-boom crane that is capable of carrying huge loads. The massive crane sits on multiple wheel axles to ensure that the vehicle is stable during operation. With a wide cabin, the operator has optimal visibility as well.

The TCC module from Link-Belt features a telescopic lattice boom that is mounted onto a crawler-track platform. In contrast to the ATC, the TCC module uses crawler tracks to move over the ground and these crawler tracks are best suited to more even terrain, however. Both modules have exceptional load-capacity ratings, making them worthy candidates as hard-working heavy-lifting equipment. Both can also traverse various types of terrain, which adds to their overall functionality and versatility as mobile cranes.

EIE Group offers a wide selection of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty lifting equipment. Our range includes warehouse material handlers, mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and aerial platforms, to only name a few. We also offer industrial cleaning solutions and wet-cell battery packs for electrically powered machines. Please peruse our website for more information on all our available products and machines and let us boost your business efficiency and productivity with quality solutions.

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