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The Hako Scrubmaster Series for Industrial Cleaning Purposes

Industrial-grade scrubber-driers are commonly used to clean medium to large public areas. These machines are specifically designed to cover big areas in a short time. This makes the process of cleaning floors much easier and more practical, as opposed to doing it manually with a broom and/or mop. Large public areas such as shopping malls and corporate offices require fast turnaround times on washing the floors. We offer a selection of Hako equipment that can assist in this regard.

Hako manufactures a wide variety of industrial cleaning equipment. Their Scrubmaster series offers a feasible solution to tackle medium to large areas quickly. These hand-operated scrubber-driers offer high levels of performance and are eco-friendly. Apart from their commercial use, they can be used for warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing plants as well. Today, we will look at the walk-behind Scrubmaster B70 series and the various uses and benefits of this machine.

The Hako Scrubmaster B70

If you need a machine that is perfect for thorough floor scrubbing and vacuuming, the Hako Scrubmaster B70 is the perfect industrial cleaning machine for you. This machine covers up to 4 200 m² per hour, making it ideal for most medium to large floor surfaces. The machine features a selection of water-tank sizes and brush heads to ensure that you can get the ideal combination for your needs. It is built to deliver optimal efficiency when washing floors. It features heavy-duty construction to ensure that it can withstand constant use. The die-cast aluminium brush heads and squeegees are a testament to the quality and detail being put into the design and manufacture of this scrubber-drier.

The Hako Scrubmaster B70 is an innovative and modern piece of industrial cleaning equipment. It features an onboard charger that allows you to charge it from any standard 230-V power socket. This comes in handy when operating the machine over extended periods and on large surfaces. It features a flat-plate brush deck that is only 10 cm high. This allows it to easily reach underneath objects such as shelves. The side panels of the B70 can also be customised with individual lettering and colouring to label the different machines or represent your company colours.

One of the biggest issues with modern machinery is maintenance and repair. Since a lot of modern machinery requires unique tools to get to the parts that need maintenance, owners are forced to return to a dealership to get them repaired or maintained. Hako’s Scrubmaster B70 doesn’t require any unique or specialised tools to change its brushes. The recovery tank is easy to clean thanks to its large lid. With an error indicator on its display and easy access to the battery, you can maintain your scrubber-drier without constantly visiting a dealer.

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Hako Industrial Cleaning

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