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A Variety of Forklifts for Sale

Forklifts are counterbalanced lift trucks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with has several functions. They are offered for sale by various manufacturers, each one delivering their unique take to counterbalanced trucks as warehouse material handlers. Although there are many, your business probably needs a specific type or model that would be ideal for your storage facility. EIE Group offers a wide and all-encompassing selection of these forklifts for sale to ensure that your fleet is optimal for your facility’s needs. We also offer rental options for businesses.

Choosing the ideal counterbalanced truck can be a difficult decision. Luckily, we can help you find the ideal forklift for your business. Our selection covers all the bases to ensure that you can get your hands on the right piece of machinery for your fleet. We offer a selection of brands for sale to choose from, so we most likely have whatever it is your business needs. Today, we will briefly glance over different types and models. We will also discuss the determining factors that influence which model will be ideal for your storage facility.

The Perfect Forklift

As with buying a car, the initial considerations always include, amongst others, which type of vehicle is needed for the intended purpose. If you are a carpooling parent, the best choice would be a larger vehicle with more than enough space to accommodate everyone. Similar principles apply to choosing the ideal forklift. We have a variety for sale that covers all the basic features of counterbalanced trucks for storage facilities. The first is whether your facility is indoors or outdoors. This will determine which type of power your fleet will run on.

Indoor warehouses are the most common form of storage facility for most businesses. However, some businesses also have outdoor facilities to store building-material pallets, metals, and other products or materials. Electric power is the best solution for indoor applications. Since indoor forklifts don’t have to travel far in a day, electric, battery-powered machines will be best. They also don’t emit hazardous exhaust gases that get trapped indoors, which would be the case with internal-combustion alternatives, which are more suited for outdoor use.

Another determining factor is the load-capacity rating. If you need forklifts to only carry small to medium loads, we have a range of options for sale. However, sometimes you need something out of the ordinary to get the job done. Articulated counterbalanced trucks have articulated front-mounted forks that can be steered independently of the body and these are ideal for optimising the available floor space in your facility. We also offer container-handling counterbalanced trucks with a different approach and that are designed specifically to handle containers. In the end, if you need material handlers, we are your first choice of supplier.

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EIE Group offers a wide variety of forklifts for sale in South Africa. We also have other useful warehouse material handlers and truck-mounted cranes to choose from. For more information on these machines, please browse our website for information. Talk to us about your material-handling needs.

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