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Forklifts are handy fleet vehicles for warehouse material-handling purposes. These vehicles have narrow bodies to allow for optimal manoeuvrability in the narrow aisles typical of warehouses. The forks on the front are counterbalanced by the weight at the rear. This grants them stability during lifting operations. EIE Group offers a wide selection of warehouse material handlers for sale to ensure that your warehouse runs an optimised fleet. We also offer various solutions in terms of forklift fleet rental.

Toyota Forklift produces a wide variety of counterbalanced lift trucks to suit a raft of work environments. The 8FG series is powered by petrol, diesel, or LPG engines. In this series, we offer seven forklifts for sale that are made for outdoor use. Since exhaust emissions would pose a danger indoors, the 8FG series is meant for outdoor use only and comes in a variety of cabin configurations. These machines provide optimal all-round visibility for the operator and can reach lifting heights of up to 7 m, lifting up to 3,5 t. If you need forklifts that are suitable for outdoor applications, the 8FG series is the solution.

Electrically powered forklifts are used indoors and produce no emissions. Toyota’s 8FBRES series has a tall design to allow for stand-in operation. This popular forklift that EIE Group offers for sale is easily mountable, delivering optimal visibility for the operator from a standing position. Load capacities reach 1,6 t in this series that focuses on delivering a cost-effective solution. They are electrically powered, which means that they get their power from industrial batteries, which we also supply. Both 3- and 4- wheeled electric forklifts form part of this range.

Flexi has a different approach to forklifts, offering a range of articulated models for sale. Articulated forklifts separate the front fork’s steering from the vehicle’s body. This allows these lift trucks to operate more efficiently in narrow-aisle environments. Flexi’s HiMAX range has a maximum lift height of 13 m, which is ideal for stacking. Acting as a reach stacker, the HiMAX can maximise floorspace utilisation within your storage facility. These forklifts have a maximum lifting capacity of 1,7 t, so they are just the right size for most warehouses. This sensible combination of narrow-aisle ability and high lift capacity can be just what your business needs.

The HiLOAD series is a variation on this winning formula from Flexi. By reducing the overall lift height to 11 m, the HiLOAD has a higher lifting capacity of 2,5 t. Therefore, the HiLOAD provides a solution for businesses that deal with heavier pallets and warehouse materials. The HiLOAD is a practical option amongst the variety of reach-stacking forklifts for sale from EIE Group. Our range of warehouse material handlers covers all the bases, so whether your need lift trucks that keep working in inclement weather or reach stackers to maximise floorspace, we have the answer.

Our range of industrial equipment extends beyond forklifts, as we also offer mobile and truck-mounted cranes for sale too. For more information, browse our website for specifications and brochures on all the available machinery we offer for rental or for sale. Choose EIE Group as your industrial-equipment supplier and let us elevate your business with quality industrial equipment.

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