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Forklift Sales and Rentals for Your Business

It can be a struggle to assemble the right forklift fleet for your storage facility or warehouse. Once you have decided which type or model you think will be the most suitable, the next question is whether you want to buy or rent. EIE Group offers sales and rentals to suit every business. We also offer smart fleet-management systems to efficiently manage and optimise your fleet for daily use. This versatile and powerful system can assist you to identify ways to make your fleet more productive, efficient, and safe for operators and staff.

We offer models with internal combustion engines and battery-powered electric motors to choose from. We also have pallet trucks, reach stackers, and articulated forklifts in our selection. Our sales and rentals offer packages to give your business the ability to obtain these counterbalanced trucks on favourable terms. In most cases, when acquiring fleet vehicles for your business, the choice between sales and rentals can be a difficult one to make. Luckily, we offer an adaptable solution for those who hire fleets from us.

Our Approach to Acquiring A Forklift Fleet

The first and most obvious question when looking at forklifts is what their intended work environment is. If your storage facility is outdoors, you need petrol- or diesel-powered machines to get the job done. These counterbalanced trucks are robust and able to drive on uneven surfaces. These elements are present in Toyota’s FG/FD series, offering a wide selection of cabins to cater to various weather conditions. This series also features off-road tyres to allow them to drive on sand, dirt, and loose terrain with less grip. Our sales and rentals also include electric models for indoor use.

Internal-combustion engines are not suitable for indoor warehouses due to their harmful exhaust emissions. Here, battery-powered machinery is preferred. These zero-emission machines use clean battery power to get the job done. With battery-powered forklifts, you are mostly limited to the confines of the indoor work environment. You will also need rechargeable industrial batteries to keep them powered. Luckily, we have a selection of Hawker batteries and battery packs that are suited to electric counterbalanced trucks like these and go along with our sales and rentals of these machines.

In some cases, the right forklift is the one that can help you maximise the utilisation of floor space in a storage facility. This is accomplished by utilising the unused vertical space between the tall roof and the storage racks by stacking goods higher. Reach stackers offer an extended reach on their forks to allow them to access taller stacks and free up some much-needed floor space. Going through our selection of counterbalanced trucks, you will find a variety of normal and articulated reach stackers for sale and rent, so you can make the most of the space in your facility. Opt for reach stackers that can reach all those high stacks.

EIE Group offers a variety of forklift sale and rental options for your business. For more information on how we can assist you, please browse our website for specifications on our available models. Choose us as your supplier today and boost your productivity with our forklift sales and rentals.

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