Forklift Sales and Rental Options

Forklift Sales and Rental Options from EIE Group

Most businesses have a storage facility to house their products. Whenever retail outlets require more products or materials, these are retrieved from the storage facility. Such a facility is normally a warehouse-type building, featuring an open floorplan of which the space must be optimised to store the maximum number of pallets. However, the building has to cater to material-handling vehicles as well, such as forklifts that effectively run daily operations. If your company is looking for sensible sales and rental options for such counterbalanced trucks, EIE Group is the solution.


We offer an array of choices for your warehouse. From outdoor internal-combustion models to indoor electrically powered variants, we can deliver what your business needs. Our sales options also include a variety of brands to accommodate all your preferences and requirements. Forklift-rental options can become complex and annoying to deal with, so we simplify this into a flexible and versatile solution for your company. Today, we will discuss the benefits of our solutions for your storage facility and how you can ensure that your fleet operates efficiently.

Hiring or Buying A Fleet

An industrial business in South Africa can benefit greatly from our wide selection of forklifts. If you are in the market to buy an entire fleet, we offer quality brands, including Toyota, Flexi, and JCB. We offer sensible and competitive sales deals, giving your business the means to put together the perfect fleet. However, it can be very expensive to buy such a fleet outright and, because maintenance and repair costs then also come into play, such a venture can turn out very costly over an extended period. Therefore, we also offer rental options, which might be just what you need if you want to avoid a large capital outlay.

Our selection of Toyota forklifts includes options for both indoor and outdoor applications. For businesses that require outdoor counterbalanced trucks that can handle uneven terrain, the 8FG/FD series is ideal. This series offers both petrol and diesel internal-combustion models. Whether you are interested in sales or rental options, these machines offer durability and quality with the trusted Toyota badge on them. Therefore, you can be assured that they will be up to the job of running the daily operations at your warehouse.

We also offer various electric-powered models from Toyota. These forklifts are specifically designed for indoor applications. They run on rechargeable batteries, which we also stock. The stand-in series features a tall and narrow body to optimise floor-space utilisation. They are designed for lighter pallets but the 3- and 4-wheeled ranges deliver a wider body with more lifting capacity for light- to medium-duty applications. If you want sensible sales and rental options for electric counterbalanced trucks, our selection of Toyota models will cover your needs.

EIE Group is your first choice regarding forklift sales and rental options for your business. We offer a selection of quality brands and machinery to choose from. For more information on how we can elevate your business to new heights, please browse our website for details on all our machines. Choose us today for your warehouse material-handler needs, whether you wish to hire or buy a fleet for your business.

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