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Large companies normally have storage facilities to house their products. Warehouses serve many purposes and businesses that run large ones always require a reliable and efficient forklift fleet in their daily operations. These machines can be expensive to buy and maintain and difficult to keep track of during a busy day. Luckily, we offer fleet-rental and -management solutions to greatly improve your control over your fleet. Our selection of counterbalanced trucks can make a huge difference to your operations and optimise floor usage in the warehouse.

Many companies cannot afford to buy an entire forklift fleet for their storage facilities outright. The businesses that can will still have to buy more machines to increase their fleet during busy business periods but they then have a surfeit of unproductive machines during quiet periods. It can also be difficult to keep track of the machines’ mechanical state and problems or damage – which often go unnoticed. Our rental options include fleet management that gathers data in real time from every counterbalanced truck in your fleet.

Forklift Rental Companies

Taking Control of Your Fleet

Our flexibility and adaptability in terms of the available fleet-hire agreements set top forklift-rental companies like EIE Group apart. We can increase your fleet size during a busy and demanding period. Once this period has passed, we can reduce your fleet size to the number of machines it had before. Should your business experience particularly quiet times over the holidays, we can reduce the fleet size even further, accommodating your needs every step of the way.

You also don’t have to worry about regular maintenance costs either, as we take care of that for you. Managing a forklift fleet can be difficult, especially for larger companies. With our rental options, we can add the smart I-Site fleet-management system to assist in this area. This management system can notify you when each individual machine is started and who currently operates it. It will also show idle times and fuel or battery usage – and alert you when an impact is detected. Therefore, you will have full control over your fleet and avoid any unnecessary costs for your business.

The I-Site system is ideal for Toyota counterbalanced trucks, of which we offer a big variety. Toyota offers diesel- and electric forklifts for different functions within your company. Normally, rental options are limited to specific models but with us, you get a choice of models that will suit your business and your warehouse environment to a T. For outdoor use, we offer the 8FG/FD series. Diesel and petrol versions of this counterbalanced truck are available and the range offers a selection of cabin options to suit various weather conditions. We also offer stand-in and 3- and 4-wheeled battery-powered models for indoor use. Therefore, you can rest assured that we have what your business needs when hiring a fleet for your warehouse.

EIE Group is one of the companies that specialises in the supply and rental of industrial lifting equipment such as forklifts. If you need an affordable and versatile solution for a warehouse fleet, we can deliver. For more information on our selection of counterbalanced trucks, browse our website for specifications and brochures.

Forklift Rental Companies

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