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Industrial machinery is expensive, especially when buying them outright. The expenses involved in maintaining these machines will further increase your overall operating costs. These expenses can become debilitating in an environment where an entire fleet of machinery is required for daily operations, such as a warehouse facility. Warehouses and storage facilities need a forklift fleet for warehouse duties like material handling. These counterbalanced lift trucks are mostly designed to work indoors and provide effective lift solutions in confined spaces.

The maintenance of a forklift fleet is a recurring expense for the owner of the fleet. Regular services are also required to ensure these machines run efficiently, not to mention necessary repair costs in case of an accident or breakdown. Luckily, EIE Group offers flexible forklift-hire solutions to reduce the costs of owning a fleet of lift trucks. When you hire a fleet of forklifts from us, your business does not have to foot the bill for maintenance expenses or servicing. We also offer a smart and innovative system that can manage your forklift fleet throughout its daily operations.

Our forklift-hire solutions allow you to increase the number of machines in your hired fleet during demanding business periods. You can decrease the size of the fleet again once the rush is over, or when business is slow through low-demand periods. Therefore, your fleet will always be optimised to the requirements of your business, saving you money. This flexible arrangement will increase productivity and is a cost-effective approach to forklift fleet hire.

It can be a real hassle to track and manage a large fleet in your storage facility, so EIE Group offers a fleet-management solution as well. This system is called the I_Site fleet-management system. It gathers useful information from every vehicle in your forklift fleet, optimising cost-effective and efficient running, warehouse safety, and productivity for your entire fleet. The system gathers information in a central portal, where every parameter of each individual forklift can be viewed. It also sends out collision alerts to ensure that every event is tracked for optimal safety in the work environment. With a wide range of lift trucks, EIE Group offers truly sensible forklift-hire solutions for your business.

Toyota Forklift offers a selection of indoor and outdoor forklifts for your business. The fuel- or LPG-powered 8FG series consists of forklifts that are ideal for outdoor applications. These lift trucks feature a selection of cabin configurations to match different weather conditions. For indoor use, Toyota offers electrically powered forklifts. These ranges include stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled designs with varying lift capacities and many safety features to get the best out of your fleet. Your business will save on its maintenance costs when using our forklift-hire solutions. With the I_Site system on your side, your fleet will run like a well-oiled machine.

EIE Group offers a spectrum of industrial-equipment solutions for your business. Whether you need a fleet of warehouse material handlers or industrial batteries to power them, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us with any enquiries on our forklift-rental services and take advantage of our equipment at your storage facility.

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