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Hiring A Forklift Fleet 

Forklifts are commonly used as warehouse material-handling equipment. These tall and marrow machines are designed with specific functions in mind, whether it is to manoeuvre in confined spaces or reach and stack goods in narrow aisles. If you need warehouse material-handling equipment to move and stack pallets and products, these machines get the job done – and if you are looking for companies in South Africa that can deliver flexible hire solutions, look no further than EIE Group. We can supply your business with a fleet and optimise its performance within your work environment.

Most companies opt for buying a fleet of forklifts, but this can be an expensive venture and a long-term financial commitment that not all companies want to make, especially small ones. As with buying a car, ownership means paying for regular services and maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. When a part eventually fails or wears out, you need to replace it to get it running again. This concept applies to forklifts as well. Therefore, our hire solutions can save companies a lot of money and unnecessary hassle.

Equipment Hire for Your Company

Many industrial and commercial companies take advantage of multiple storage facilities and warehouses to store their products, materials, and equipment. They use warehouse material handlers to run daily operations in these facilities. Therefore, they need an affordable approach to obtaining and maintaining such a fleet. With our hire solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of quality material handlers without having to buy them or pay for maintenance. And we offer an all-encompassing selection of forklifts to choose from, dependent on what your business needs.

Our hire solutions are flexible. We can increase the size of your fleet when you require more machines on deck, so to speak. Once such a busy business period dies down, we can reduce the number of machines in the fleet accordingly. Since your business is hiring the fleet instead of owning it, you do not have to be concerned about regular maintenance; we service and maintain the vehicles on your behalf to ensure that they deliver optimal performance. Our selection includes world-renowned brands like Toyota and JCB, to only name a few. As a result, you can expect top-quality forklifts from us.

Since most storage facilities are large buildings, a forklift fleet typically operates indoors. Electric cars may be rare, but battery-powered material-handling equipment is commonplace. We offer electric forklifts for hire, so you can employ such a fleet within your indoor environment. We also offer outdoor models with a selection of cabin configurations to accommodate different weather conditions. Therefore, you are spoilt for choice and can get the machinery that will work best in your storage facility.

EIE Group offers a wide selection of industrial lifting equipment for companies all across South Africa. Our hire options can save your business money and act as a cost-effective solution for running your storage facility. For more information on how we can deliver solutions in terms of rental industrial lifting equipment, please contact us with your enquiries. Choose us today and transform your business with our affordable rental solutions.

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