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Affordable Forklift Hire and Rentals from EIE Group

Warehouse material-handling equipment is expensive to buy outright. These include forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet jacks. Forklifts are commonly used in warehouse operations. When looking at the price of an entire forklift fleet, it can be daunting for a business to make such a large financial commitment. However, these machines are indispensable for the functioning of your business, so EIE Group offers a solution for industrial businesses in South Africa.

Industrial lifting equipment is our speciality. We offer a wide selection of warehouse material-handling equipment and truck-mounted cranes, to only name a few. Our equipment is sourced from highly respected and reputable manufacturers such as Toyota and Fassi. Therefore, you can be assured that our extensive range of lifting equipment will have just what your business requires. To get over the expense hurdle when buying a fleet, hire one instead. We offer customisable forklift hire and rentals to accommodate your business’s needs. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of having an entire fleet at affordable rates, instead of committing to a huge debt burden to purchase it.

The Solution: Forklift Hire and Rentals

Forklift hire might seem complicated, because many variables come to mind, such as how many forklifts would be required in such a fleet, and who takes care of maintenance. Another is which models should make up the fleet. Luckily, we can simplify it for your business. The fleet size will depend on the demands of your business, so should you be experiencing a busy period, we will increase the number of your machines to ensure more equipment on deck. As business slows down again, we can reduce the fleet size. As you can see, with our forklift hire and rental options, we adapt to the needs of your business. What is more, we own the hired forklifts, so the responsibility of maintenance falls on us.

We can supply petrol- or diesel-powered forklifts that are suited for outdoor usage, or battery-powered models that emit zero emissions to use indoors. Our range of Toyota models offers a wide choice of forklifts for rental purposes. We also offer a fleet-management system that can optimise the use of the forklifts in your warehouse fleet. This smart system is called the I_Site management system and puts the focus on maximising fleet utilisation and safety, the latter being critical for any industrial work environment. Since there is machinery involved, employee safety is of utmost importance to minimise the risk of accidents. I_Site gathers data from every machine in the fleet to keep you in the loop of the status of every vehicle.

Let us supply the necessary equipment to make the most of your warehouse fleet at very affordable prices. EIE Group is a supplier of quality lifting equipment for all manner of industrial businesses. We also supply related equipment such as industrial cleaning equipment and batteries for lift trucks. For more information on our range of solutions in terms of forklift hire and rentals, please browse our website for details. Choose us as your industrial-equipment supplier today and enjoy access to quality lifting equipment for your business.

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