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Fassi Lifting Equipment and Truck-Mounted Cranes

Industrial lifting equipment comes in many shapes and forms and is usually designed and manufactured with specific functions in mind. Forklifts are designed to operate in confined and indoor spaces, while pallet jacks are ideal for moving around pallets or large appliances. Although we feature a whole selection of warehouse material handlers, we also have other options for businesses that need mobile solutions for their loader trucks. Fassi is a brand that specialises in manufacturing lifting equipment such as truck-mounted cranes.

Mobile cranes usually belong in the domain of construction and transport. However, truck-mounted cranes are unique lifting equipment that can enhance the functionality of large trucks such as tow trucks and loader trucks that carry large, mounted containers. These cranes are also ideal for flatbed trucks, giving them a fast and easy way of loading and unloading themselves. Today, we will discuss the design of the knuckle boom, its functionality, and how Fassi’s models can make a noticeable difference for your truck fleet.

The Basics of Knuckle Booms

In most cases, lifting equipment is designed with a singular function; most industrial machinery is not very versatile at all. A knuckle-boom crane is an exception because it can be used in several ways. Its design is unique, which is the reason for the versatility of these cranes. The basic function of a crane is to generate enough power to lift something. The original concept used basic physics to create a counterbalance with a wedge, where one side would outweigh the other to force it into the air. This concept has, of course, evolved in the modern era.

Mobile cranes normally feature lattice booms that can extend and retract to vary their reach from a stationary position. However, these booms can only extend their reach in a linear plane. Knuckle booms address this limitation with their unique design where the sections of the boom are connected via mechanical knuckles. The shape of the boom is similar to that of a human finger. The extension and retraction movement is also similar, which makes this type of lifting equipment very versatile.

Fassi offers an extensive selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes. Their booms are mounted at the base of the crane. From here, the crane can extend and rotate to the operator’s desire. These cranes can be mounted between the cabin and the loading area of the truck. They can also be mounted at the rear of the truck, depending on how they are to be used. Fassi offers a range of knuckle-boom lifting equipment for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty use. This ensures that you will always be able to pick an ideal size with the right load-capacity rating that suits your truck fleet perfectly.

EIE Group is your supplier of a variety of lifting equipment in South Africa. We offer options from different brands and these include Fassi and JCB. For more information on our selection of knuckle-boom cranes, please browse our website for digital brochures and specifications on all our available models. Lift any load today with us on your side.

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