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We are seeing the rise of the electric vehicle (EV) for private and public transport. By replacing the internal-combustion engine with a source of clean power, these vehicles emit no exhaust emissions. Although hydrogen engines have the same outcome, hydrogen is not available at service stations in South Africa. When we shift our focus to the industrial sector, we find that electrical forklifts have been for sale for years already. We offer an extensive range of these machines for your business.

The reason behind the switch to electrical power for forklifts is to make them suitable for indoor use through the elimination of those noxious exhaust emissions. Storage facilities are usually warehouse-type buildings that are laid out to maximise the available floor space. These buildings commonly have tall roof structures to allow space for high shelves. Counterbalanced lift trucks are typically used to manoeuvre through the aisles to do their job. We offer various brands of warehouse material-handling equipment for sale, including the 8 Series from Toyota.

Versatility and Innovation

When vehicles with internal-combustion engines are used in a warehouse, their exhaust gases can create an unhealthy and dangerous work environment. By ensuring that your forklift fleet is electrical, the machines do not emit any carbon dioxide during operation. They also don’t need fuel, as they run on industrial wet-cell batteries that are simply recharged. Toyota’s 8 Series is a range offering both internal-combustion and electrical options. Putting the focus on the latter, we start with the 3-wheeled range of machines they offer for sale. The 8FBE series has a simple body design with an innovative contact-patch layout to optimise front-end stability.

This electric forklift range that we have for sale is ideal for light- to medium-duty functions in an indoor storage facility. The 8FBE emphasises the importance of keeping the front end of the vehicle stable during operation. That is why the rear wheels are mounted in the middle of the vehicle. This creates a triangular contact patch with the front axle. The wide track width of the front axle and the double wheel at the back ensure that the vehicle can be very manoeuvrable, yet without the risk of tipping over.

The 8FBMT range of forklifts features a 4-wheeled setup and these machines are designed to handle bigger and heavier loads. Out of the entire selection of counterbalanced trucks that we have for sale, the 8FBMT is probably the most versatile electrically powered range available. The front tyres are bigger in diameter than the rear ones to carry those heavy loads. The cabin offers an unobstructed all-round view to maximise the operator’s visibility while operating the machine. It also offers comfortable and ergonomic seating for extended operating shifts.

If you are looking for a supplier with a healthy selection of internal-combustion and electric forklifts for sale, EIE Group is your solution. We also offer petrol- and diesel-powered models for outdoor purposes and battery-powered ones for indoor environments. For more on our available industrial machinery, please peruse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier today and lift that load with capable and quality machinery.

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