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The Undeniable Efficiency of Electric Forklifts

The world is starting to change its tune about internal-combustion engines, slowly replacing them with electric power instead. However, forklifts have been available with both options for many years. While the internal-combustion models are fine for outdoor use, battery-powered models emit no harmful emissions. Therefore, they are a safer option for indoor use. We offer a wide selection of different models that could fit the bill for your storage facility. We also offer industrial batteries to power these machines.

Electric forklifts come in a variety of different designs for different applications. The concept and basic formula of these machines are simple and very effective. A narrow body allows it to easily manoeuvre in confined spaces. Rear-wheel steering keeps the front end stable and grants better control over the rear end. Since the machine carries its weight at the front, it is crucial to keep the front end as stable as possible. The result is a very efficient way to handle products and pallets in your storage facility.

Our Selection of Electric Forklifts

We are a supplier of Toyota forklifts in South Africa. They offer both internal-combustion (petrol and diesel) and electric ranges to choose from. Stand-in models are fast to get in and out of for operators. These models are tall and narrow, so they can handle light to medium loads easily and with fast turnaround times. The 3-wheeled models have their two closely set rear wheels mounted right next to each other and in the centre of the rear end. As a result, the front end is stable during operations, while the rear end offers better control for steering.

Reach stackers offer a different approach to optimise floor space by utilising unused vertical space. By creating taller stacks in your storage facility, you can open up some much-needed floor space without having to relocate your entire facility. We offer electric reach stackers that can work in tandem with your current forklifts for better utilisation of your available floor space. These reach stackers have an articulated design to separate the fork from the body regarding steering and manoeuvring. As a result, the operator benefits from better control and stability when operating the machine.

To power an electric forklift, you require an industrial-grade battery pack that is preferably rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries typically feature wet cells, allowing the cells to store and discharge energy more efficiently. Although these battery packs require some maintenance by topping up the liquid every once in a while, they deliver the most sensible and safest way to power an indoor fleet. We also offer flexible rental options for businesses that want to avoid any maintenance costs or simply don’t wish to buy an entire fleet. Therefore, we can deliver solutions for your storage facility to ensure that you have the ideal fleet to get the job done.

EIE Group offers a wide selection of industrial machines for your business. Form electric forklifts to truck-mounted cranes, we can supply your business with the necessary equipment to get the lifting job done. For more information, browse our website for specifications on our available products.

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