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Our Solution for Container-Handling Equipment

Dockyards are extremely particular in terms of the equipment required for lifting and handling containers. Since these items are made of steel, they tend to be very heavy. The long, rectangular shape makes them ideal for stacking. However, you still need quality machinery for handling their weight and unique shape. In some cases, overhead rails are used to transport them. We offer a different approach that would streamline the process and speed up turnaround times.

Forklifts are counterbalanced lift trucks that are classified as warehouse materials-handling equipment. The rear-wheel steering on these trucks keeps the front end stable when lifting loads. Their manoeuvrability allows them to access all the nooks and crannies of the storage facility. When it comes to containers, Konecranes manufactures counterbalanced trucks that offer all the benefits of regular forklifts but are designed to handle both empty and laden containers instead. These machines feature a radically different design in comparison to standard counterbalanced lift trucks to accommodate the massive increase in lifting capability.

The Konecranes Solution

Konecranes’ container-handling equipment offers a unique approach in the industry. By designing and manufacturing counterbalanced trucks for this specific application, they have changed the way that dockyards operate. These machines sit on wide and heavy bodies to counter the immense weight that the fork must deal with. The wide body also keeps the truck stable when it is turning. Steering is done via the rear axle of the lift truck. Therefore, the front end remains completely stable and the operator can comfortably and safely control the vehicle’s direction of travel.

The cabin on this type of container-handling trucks is placed at the rear end of the vehicle. This gives the operator excellent visibility. It also adds to the safety of the vehicle, as it creates some space between the cabin and the front end. The trucks are reinforced and purpose-built to ensure their structural integrity when dealing with heavy loads. Their wheels are situated at the most extreme corners of the chassis to eliminate any possible body lean or chassis twist. Therefore, they remain completely safe to drive with a heavy load as well.

Konecranes offers a fleet-management system that brings your fleet into the modern era. This system gathers live information on every truck in your fleet. The information includes recently travelled paths, runtimes, and the mechanical status of every machine. Therefore, you have the equipment to optimise fleet operations in order to save valuable time and money for your business. As you can see, if you need a modern and effective solution in terms of container handling, Konecranes counterbalanced trucks are your answer. With a smart fleet-management system to add to such a fleet, you will soon have the most efficient way of stacking and recycling containers with quality equipment.

EIE Group is your first choice for industrial lifting equipment. Whether it is warehouse materials or containers, we can supply the ideal selection of machines to optimise your daily operations. We also supply industrial cleaning solutions and batteries for electric lift trucks. For more on our available products, please browse our website for specifications and brochures.

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