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Where to Buy Reliable Forklifts and Warehouse Material Handlers

Industrial warehouse material handlers are useful machines for running warehouses and storage facilities. These vehicles have narrow bodies to allow them to have optimal manoeuvrability in confined spaces. They have a small turning circle to minimise the space they require to turn around and to make them as agile as possible in confined spaces. Some forklifts feature skid-steer capability as well and that means that they can spin around on the spot, without having to be moving at all to do it.

If you are looking for a supplier of reliable new forklifts, EIE Group offers a wide and a really comprehensive range to choose from. Whether you want to buy or rent them, we can accommodate you in either case. Having an industrial business is usually an expensive endeavour, especially when purchasing vehicle fleets. Therefore, we can assist businesses that need affordable rental options, as well as those that want to buy a reliable fleet of machines outright. Today, we will look at the ideal choice for storage facilities to optimise the functionality and efficiency of their daily routines.

The Ideal Forklift

Common knowledge dictates certain important features or characteristics that the ideal forklift for your warehouse fleet should have. These include reliability, durability, and versatility to get the most of it throughout a workday. We have some of the highest-quality brands available in our range of lift trucks, including Toyota and JCB. Both these brands have earned their reputations as leading manufacturers for industrial lifting equipment across the world. Now, your business can also take advantage of their incredible line-up of lift trucks.

When you buy a fleet of forklifts, you need to consider a few factors of the intended work environment. The initial first is whether the lift trucks will operate mostly indoors or outdoors. For outdoor operations, internal-combustion forklifts will be more suitable. To this end, the Toyota 8 FG/FD series can deliver what you need. As the series number suggests, these models run on either petrol or diesel and two models offer a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel system. These lift trucks also feature a selection of outdoor cabins to accommodate working in various weather conditions.

Electrically powered vehicles have been a large part of the industrial sector for decades. Because no emissions are emitted by their power units, these lift trucks are perfect for indoor use. We offer a myriad of battery powered ranges to choose from, including Toyota’s own 3- and 4-wheeled ranges. We also feature articulated reach stackers from Flexi. These forklifts offer independent fork handling, a feature specifically designed for narrow-aisle operations. As you can see, if you want to buy reliable forklifts, we have an extensive selection of potential options for your business.

EIE Group can be your supplier of quality warehouse material-handling equipment. Our selection includes an expansive range of variants and specialised vehicles from different brands to choose from. For more information on our reliable forklifts, feel free to browse the website for specifications and brochures. Choose us as your supplier when you wish to buy a fleet for your warehouse or storage facility.

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