Affordable Forklift Rental Solutions

Affordable Forklift-Rental Solutions from the Experts

Industrial lifting equipment can be very expensive to buy and for most businesses, the financing of these machines amounts to a large monthly debt burden. Machines such as forklifts are indispensable in warehouse settings. They are designed to offer optimal manoeuvrability in confined spaces, to stack material pallets, and to take up minimal floor space within a warehouse or storage facility. Therefore, each industrial or commercial business that runs large warehousing facilities can benefit from a fleet of quality forklifts.

EIE Group offers affordable and customisable forklift-rental solutions for your business. By renting a fleet with us, you can avoid the huge debt of buying the machines and having to maintain them as well. Our focus is to supply quality industrial lifting-equipment solutions to our clients. The industrial sector is an expensive domain to navigate, even without the added burden of a financial investment to buy fleet vehicles such as forklifts and cranes. We can make a difference in your business through affordable forklift rental solutions.

The Benefits of Renting vs. Buying

When a business buys a fleet of forklifts, it is responsible for maintaining and servicing the fleet. Therefore, the costs are not simply once-off, but recurring. As these machines will be used daily, their regular maintenance can become very expensive in the long run. Luckily, we offer a solution to this problem. Our forklift rental option offers dynamic fleet sizing and adaptability to suit the needs of your warehouse. The variety of forklifts we have will contain a model for any sort of storage environment, whether you need indoor electric models or outdoor internal-combustion lift trucks. Either way, we can supply the best fleet for your business.

Industrial and commercial businesses go through phases throughout a regular year of business during which their requirement for equipment will vary. Our affordable rental solutions are adaptable to these changes and when your business is entering a high-demand period, we can increase the size of your fleet to accommodate the increased traffic. Once the busy time is over, the fleet size can be reduced accordingly. Therefore, you will always have a fleet size according to the requirements of your business, saving you money in the process.

We retain ownership of the forklift fleet being rented to your business and as a result, the responsibility of maintenance and servicing falls on us. This is as just another way in which your business can save money when choosing affordable fleet rental solutions for your warehouse. We also offer a smart management system that gathers data from every vehicle in the fleet to optimise fleet productivity. Both safety and productivity can be dramatically improved when this system is implemented. Therefore, you can maximise the functionality of your fleet and ensure the safety of the work environment.

EIE Group offers an all-inclusive range of forklifts with our affordable forklift-rental solutions. For more information on the available forklift models or how we can assist your business with quality lifting equipment, please contact us today with enquiries. Choose us as your supplier of industrial lifting equipment and take advantage of quality and adaptability that work to the benefit or your business.

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