5 Benefits of hiring a crane truck

Crane trucks and mobile cranes play an essential role in the construction industry.  They are necessary when doing infrastructure work, allowing for the safe transportation and lifting of heavy objects.

Many projects and construction companies require crane trucks; however, budget constraints often mean that purchasing one is not a possibility.  Crane hire via EIE Group is possible, and there are several benefits in doing so.


1.  Increased Efficiency

When hiring a crane truck, you will increase your uptime and efficiency by having the correct crane suitable for the job.  This allows for smooth operations and processes.


At EIE Group, we are industry leaders experienced in heavy lifting machinery including cranes. Our services include evaluating a wide range of factors including radius of rotation, carrying capacity requirements and boom length.  By doing this we ensure that you find the correct mobile crane for your operations.


2.  No need for repair and maintenance

Cranes are expensive to purchase, but the maintenance and repairs are equally costly too.  When hiring a mobile crane via EIE Group, the expense of crane repairs and maintenance is not for your companies’ concern.


3.  Latest Technology

Our Heavy Lift division specialises in Link-Belt cranes and offers the latest fleet models available to our customers. With the latest technology available through these mobile cranes, this offers your project and operators improved performance benefits.


4.  Flexibility

EIE Group offers flexible crane hire lease periods. Short to long-term lease is available depending on your project requirements.


5.  Simple Storage

Hiring a crane is an effective way to get a job done, and the option of storing at EIE Group is possible if you do not have sufficient storage space on-site. You can rest assured that your hired mobile crane will be kept safe and will stay in good condition.


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