Order Picking Trucks


Raymond Side Loader

  • By moving long, bulky materials in very narrow aisles and providing high stacking capability, Raymond sideloaders deliver greater space utilization. And they can cut the costs of handling and storing cumbersome loads.Raymond sideloaders easily lift to 9144mm with loads as long as 7925mm.

Raymond 5000 S Order Pickers

  • Speed and efficiency are the keys to order picking productivity. The 5000 Series gives you the best of both.
  • To improve productivity, the 5000 series order pickers offer Raymond’s special auto-locking pallet clamp. It’s designed to work on a wide range of pallets, and accommodates pallet stringers ranging from 11/4 to 5 inches.



Raymond® RRS30

  • Handle mounted electronic lift/lower for easy access
  • Chassis mounted manual lift/lower for precise control
  • Tilt carriage

Raymond® RSS22/30/40

  • Load sensing torsion bar suspension for easier steering
  • Separately excited traction system for smooth acceleration
  • Thumb wheel control

Very Narrow Aisle


Raymond® Swing-Reach® Truck

  • Warehouses designed to use high-throughput Swing-Reach trucks achieve immediate cost savings and long-term efficiencies.Compared to conventional forklifts, a Swing-Reach truck’s high-level pallet handling and case picking versatility may triple your storage capacity.