Jonas 900

  • Minimal turning circle for confined spaces
  • Easily accessible electrical resonance shaking system for cleaning

Jonas 980

  • “Take-it-easy“ disposal concept
  • Convenient and easy-to-handle working place
  • Service-friendly and robust
Jonas 1200

Jonas 1200

  • Powerful lift (sand has a density of approx. 1.8 g / cm³) when the dirt hopper is full the weight of approx
  • 230 kg can be lifted without problem
  • Automatic broom hopper adaptation, ”With our unit no dust falls down behind the machine”
  • Powerful 2 cylinder, 4 stroke engines, diesel driven even water cooled low vibration, quiet and smooth running
Jonas 1500

Jonas 1500

  • Variety of vehicle fuel options: gasoline, LPG, diesel, battery
  • Driver’s seat access from both sides
  • Unobstructed view of the work area

Jonas 1900

  • Solid hopper with 600 liter or 500 kg hopper capacity and a dicharge height of 162 cm
  • Stainless steel optional
  • Easy to handle workplace, comfort seat, good visbility all around and short training time and relaxed working
  • Onelever operation Maintenance friendly by swing-out drive unit
Hamster 800

Hamster 800 V/E

  • Very good sweeping result also with fine sand (demo!)
  • Collects even large particles (lightly tilt machine if required)
  • Sweeping track adjustment without tools
Profi Flipper

Profi Flipper

  • Effective Manual Sweeper
  • Works ten times faster than a broom
  • Easy removal of dirt hopper

Scrubber Driers


Hakomatic B70

  • Hand-operated scrubber-drier for medium and large areas
  • Anti-Foam system prevents moisture entering the suction motor
  • Constructional measures provide active sound insulation.

Hakomatic B90

  • Hand-operated scrubber-drier for medium and large areas
  • Anti-Foam system prevents moisture entering the suction motor
  • Constructional measures provide active sound insulation.
Hakomatic B910

Hakomatic B910

  • Passing width of 70cm only = fits through any door
  • Turning radius of 1.20 metres
  • Productivity increased by 1/3 compared to hand-pushed machines
Hakomatic B115R

Hakomatic B115R

  • Increased maneuverability: compared to walk behind machines, turning circle of less than 1.7m in aisle due to driven and steered front wheel
  • Increased productivity due to the large tank (115 litres), reduced water and detergent consumption (Aqua Control System) and efficient battery
  • Strong scrubbing either with cylindrical brushes (incl. sweeping function) or proven plate brush head (brushes or pads).
Hakomatic B45

Hakomatic B45

  • Electrical Brush Release System (BRS) for quick changes
  • Low brush deck (< 10cm), ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles
  • Fitted with cost saving by Aqua Control System
  • Brushes and water stop when machine stands still and ensures precise dosage of cleaning solution.
Hakomatic B30

Hakomatic B30

  • Simple, clearly laid out design and construction ensures short training times and reduced maintenance work
  • Fitted as standard with on board battery charger and easily accessible charging cable (plug system for the whole world)
  • Easy ergonomic operation as a result of the compact and handy construction.

Hakomatic E/B 10

  • Compact and maneuverable
  • Cleans under obstacles (cleaning under tables etc. possible)
  • Space-saving transport and storage due to a handle that has been designed to match the shape of the machine and can be folded down
Hakomatic B1100

Hakomatic B 1100

  • Combined sweeper-scrubber: one passage only for three operations: dust-free sweeping + excellent scrubbing + drying
  • High comfort due to custom-tailored program solutions (e.g. brush and water stop upon machine stop) and the green Hakomatic button
  • Easy maintenance by means of the diagnosis system
Hakomatic 1800

Hakomatic 1800 V/D/LPG

  • Easy handling thanks to green “Hakomatic button”
  • Service-friendly access thanks drive unit which swings out
  • In one passage dust-free sweeping, excellent scrubbing and drying