Articulated Forklift Trucks


Flexi Lite

  • Create up to 30% more warehouse capacity
  • Flexi LITE provides an economical solution for low bay warehouses
  • High quality specification

Flexi HiMax

  • Taking the Flexi concept to over 12m lift heights. Engineering for high lift capacity.
  • Safe, efficient operation is at the heart of the Flexi HiMAX articulated truck
  • Features such as CCTV with LCD screen allow operators to stack safely at over 12m

Flexi G4

  • Europe’s most popular articulated forklift truck
  • At the heart of the Flexi G4 concept is a commitment to operator safety and handling efficiency that combine to make Flexi G4 the most complete and compelling articulated forklift truck currently available.

Flexi Euro

  • Create up to 30% more Warehouse Capacity.
  • Flexi Euro working in just 1642mm (EURO) or 1762 (ISO) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) standards. Handles Euro Alliance pallets in 2m aisle to DIN 15185 standard.