Hako and Platchem cleaning equipment for Centurion Mall

In a partnership offering a one stop, cost-effective cleaning solution, Hako, part of Eqstra Industrial Equipment (EIE), and Platchem (Pty) Ltd, have delivered cleaning equipment for cleaning the main floor areas and sweeping and cleaning of the parking area at the recently renovated Centurion Mall outside Pretoria, South Africa. A Hako Sweepmaster 1200D for the mall basement cleaning was ordered by the Mall’s cleaning contractors, Prestige Cleaning, together with three walk behind scrubbers, a Scrubmaster B70 and two Scrubmaster B45s. The Sweepmaster provides effective and economic vacuum sweeping with maximum manoeuvrability and simple operation.

The high-performance, efficient and environmentally friendly Scrubmaster range comprises hand-operated scrubber-driers that provide optimal cleanliness in hygiene-sensitive areas. Prestige Cleaning uses the SABS approved Platchem AC44 low foam cleaner with the machines.

Further information contact:
HAKO: Wouter Niemann (011) 571 0200
PLATCHEM: Mike Lodder (011) 452 4910